A Generation Crippled by Fear

We are a generation crippled by fear, because we fail to see our unlimited potential in Christ.


Many of us make these bold life changing world changing statements to friends, family and strangers, really anyone willing to listen to us.

But that is all we do. We merely state them without action. We say them with passion but then do nothing with that passion. We simply bottle it up until we are asked again what our hopes and desires are for the future. They sit in a melting pot of what ifs and wishful thinking.

We tend to do nothing with our passions because we lack confidence and awareness of the One who gives us confidence.

We proclaim to know the Father but fail to realize in Him we have unlimited potential to change the world for His glory by His power by His Spirit.

We speak boldly but act like cowards.

We dream of changing the world and admire those who are changing the world in the name of the Father, but what we fail to see, is that we too can change the world for the glory of God.

We have become so caught up in the admiration of those around us that we ourselves forget to act. We have become frozen with fear. Skeptical of our own potential in Christ.

We forget to put our feet into motion.

We forget to believe in ourselves just as the Father believes in us.

We forget that in Him we have unlimited potential.

We forget that He in fact does believe in us, His beloved Children.

We encourage others to grab and take hold of their dreams but fail to encourage ourselves to take hold of our own dreams.

We talk others out and through the “what ifs” in life, but fail to do the same for ourselves. Our belief in unlimited potential seems to stop short when it comes to us.

I am not saying we need to become a generation that is self-absorbed, arrogant, prideful and unwilling to take constructive criticism because in all honesty we already are. but we are also a generation that has allowed fear to stop us dead in our tracks for going for what God has already set before us to achieve.

We speak of being courageous and hope to all become Paul’s one day but in all reality we are cowards hiding behind a Father who has called us to individual greatness through Him and in Him.

We have allowed fear to cripple us into this ungodly belief that we cannot because we are not…(insert any reason why you or I cannot accomplish the will God has set before us)

But this my friends is false and lie straight from the pit of hell, if He is for us and with us, He has surely given us all that we need to pursue our passions and have them come to life, but we must start believing we can because He already has, we must actually start believing in the that Jesus holds, because there is power..now if only we would grab hold of it and use it for His glory.

I’ll leave with this, if the Spirit that conquered the grave lives in us, then why in hell have we allowed fear to cripple us into frozen beings instead of allowing the Spirit to move us?




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To truly love people, is to truly love their uglieness

To truly love people is to truly love their ugliness.

This is something that I have recently learned that is more important than we think, especially when it comes to loving the ugliness of those in Christ.

It tends to be easier to love the non-believer because we tell ourselves they don’t know better or they still have yet to accept Jesus, we find justification to our loving their ugliness, yet fail to love the ugliness of the believer more often than not.

This tends not to be so true for the believer, we no longer try to find justification to us loving them and their ugliness rather we try and find something wrong with their relationship with God.

When we hear or see one of our fellow brothers or sisters struggling with issues like depression, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, alcoholism, smoking or anything else we deem ungodly and ugly we automatically assume they aren’t reading God’s Word, Praying enough, Journaling, attending a service throughout the week, they have yet to repent or surrender the issue over to God, or they have chosen to walk away from God and that is why they are struggling with an issue we see as ugly.

We attack their relationship with God rather than just love them. Love them the way Jesus loved the woman at the well, the woman caught in adultery, Judas, Paul, Peter and all of His children He died for and the ugliness that exist inside of all of us.

We say we love people for who they are, ugliness included by our words but our actions and reactions say something different. Our actions and reactions tend to be the opposite of love.

We try and fix them, by telling them they need to pray more, read more, surrender themselves over to Jesus, to just let it go and move on. We offer them everything but compassion and companionship.

Now, I am not saying we always do this, but I’ve watched it happened enough to develop this discontent and if I am truly honest an anger towards it. If we cannot love the ugliness of people then what are we doing calling ourselves believers of Christ, let alone lovers of Him.

Jesus sat with the ugliest of ugliest and still does to this day, if we are to imitate Him let also imitate Him in this way as well.

Ugliness cannot be left alone, it must be sat with and dealt with, it must be acknowledged and loved, not rejected or looked down upon. Whether we believe it or accept it we ALL have ugliness within us that our so loving and Heavenly Father is pruning out of us each and every day He allows us to wake up and praise Him. To love people is to truly love their ugliness no matter what is. This does not mean we condone sinful or unhealthy behaviors but we also do not condemn them. We love and let Jesus and His Spirit do the rest. If we can learn to love the least of them outside of Christ how can we not learn to love the struggling in Christ. Let us love with deed and action and not just merely words.

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He never stops knocking.

The beauty of Jesus knocking at the door is, He never stops. He never stops asking us to go deeper with Him. He never gives up on us.

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When the blessing leave, will you stay?

If God didn’t give you another blessing would you still serve Him, would you still love Him, would you still praise Him, would still follow Him, would you still believe in Him.

What if the only blessing you received while here on earth was the mere fact you get to have a relationship with Jesus, you get be in communion with God, and eventually eternity with Him would happen.

What if for the next 6 months or even 5 years God didn’t give you the desires of your heart, not because He doesn’t love you but because He’s trying to show you something, He’s trying to prepare you for something greater than yourself.

I’m not saying He doesn’t want to give you the desires of your heart but what I am saying the bible never says when God will grant us the desires of our heart it simply states He will.

Psalm 37:4 doesn’t say delight yourself in The Lord and he’ll immediately give you the desires of your heart.
It says “delight yourself in The Lord and He’ll give you the desires of your heart”

He gets to chose when those desires are met.

My entire walk I’ve been told if I do A,B & C, then Jesus will do A,B &C, but since when do I tell Jesus what to do and in what manner to do so. Since when do I have the right to say Jesus look at me I’m doing all that You ask of me, now give me my blessings.

Who am I to demand of God, what is rightfully His.

Yes I believe God wants to bless us, wants to give us the desires of our heart and wants us to have an abundant life, His word says that. His word also says “good and faithful servant you’ve only done what you ought to do”
But we live in culture where our focus has become the blessing not the Blesser. When the blessings stop we automatically assume we’re doing something wrong, that we’ve messed up big time, and people start to tell us there must be something wrong with our relationship with God that there’s clearly sin our lives and we need to repent.

This issue with that last statement is, our lives will only be sinless when God calls us home.

And yes maybe the blessings in our lives have stopped for one of those reason or maybe just maybe God is trying to get us to see that the mere fact we get to know Him, is blessing enough.

I am reminded of what Paul said in Philippians 3, Paul had counted everything as rubbish as crap for surpassing worth of knowing Christ as his Lord and Savior.

My prayer is that I and we would do the same. The tangible blessings aren’t a bad thing and I’m not saying we should feel bad or guilty when God chooses to give them to us, but what I am saying our focus needs not to be the blessings but rather the One giving the blessing.

If He is the only thing that matters in our life, then He and He alone must be enough to keep you and I going.

And the moment His blood stops being enough, we’ve lost sight of what it truly means to be His and His disciple.

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Just a Spark

Don’t shrink back during the season of waiting.

Psalm 27:14
Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for The Lord!

There’s a Paramore song titled Last Hope and in the song there’s a line that goes
“It’s just a spark but it’s enough to keep me going”

I love that song and I love this Psalm because together they reminded me that in the waiting upon The Lord I must not lose my passion for Him.

I believe for some us it is easy to lose our passion for God and what He currently has us doing when He has asked to wait for His next move in our lives or answer to a prayer, especially if it’s been a handful of months or so.

As my last post mentioned if our foundation has been built upon Christ, we’ll be okay, even if all we have is a spark during the waiting.

I’ve learned that I may not have much of anything during this time but if all I have is a spark then Jesus can use that and wants to use that.

We must remember in our waiting that God has not left us.
That His promises still reign true. That His timing is perfect.
That He LOVES us and has something amazing for us.

All of these things should help motivate us to keep going in the season of waiting and unknown. They should help us to not lose our passion for Him and His people, even if all we have is a spark

Sometimes when God has us waiting we shrink back because we stop believing fully that He is for us, but we must not believe that rather our hearts must take courage and we must still worship Him. We must remember to be strong in Him.

So if all you have is a spark during the season that you’re in remember that God can use it and wants to use it. Do not be discouraged, rather be encouraged that Jesus is carrying you through this because He loves you dearly.

Allow God to be God in your life throughout all seasons. Remember we are His vessel’s, so He can use however He wants to.

If for someone reason you think God cant use the tiniest of passion left in you remember you only need faith the size of a mustard seed.

and if for some reason you’ve lost your passion remember the One who gave it you and return back to the Source and never forget that He loves you, no matter what.

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The ugliness of the church and its people

When God reveals the ugliness of Christianity to you, you have two options: one: to stay and stand firm in Him or
two: run and turn away from Him.

About a couple of months ago God decided to reveal the humanity that exists within the church and the people that make it up and for the first time in my relationship in knowing Christ, I wanted to walk away and throw in the towel. I was done.

What i was watching unfold before my eyes was the local church and Gods people looked no different than the world, to me. They had become one in the same.

I was baffled, hurt and felt completely alone during this time.

I didn’t really know who I could go to and in all transparency didn’t know who I could trust.

During those months everything that I had known and come to love seemed to be crumbling all around me and out of nowhere chaos ensued. I didn’t know which direction was up and began to question whether or not if all that I had come know about Christ and Christianity was even true.

I was being rocked and my faith was being tested in a way I had never experienced before.

I watched fellow brothers and sisters stab each other in the back. I watched people walk away from the church and no one care that they did. I watched loved ones be hurt and tossed to the side with no regard or value.

I watched people proclaim the Gospel in all aspects, yet all their actions in front of me screamed something else.

During this time the world looked more inviting than Christ. Simply because to me at least in the world the emotions weren’t so high and the hurt wasn’t so real.

I was steps away from completely giving up and walking away. I didn’t understand what was going on and didn’t know who I could to run to.

I was hurting and going through my own personal hell, all by myself– at least that’s what it felt like during this time.

Every time i wanted to throw in the towel God reminded me that my faith was and is built upon Him, so I must not give up, rather pray and wait.

Coming out of this season I realized that it wasn’t that I didn’t have people to go to, it was that God solely wanted me to be influenced by Him. I now know He wanted me to solely seek Him through this.

God didn’t dismiss the hurt and pain i went through, rather He addressed it. He allowed me to vent and go through the emotions then brought healing in a way only He can do.

As I stated earlier my faith was being tested in way I had never experienced or could really fathom. All that God kept instructing me to do was to stand firm, pray and wait. In the moments I thought I couldn’t hold on anymore or the moments I didn’t want to do those three things anymore, He reminded me ever so gently of where my faith was truly embedded.

Through all of this I’ve learned to truly believe that because my faith is built upon Christ and dwells within Him, I can stand firm when all is crumbling around me.

If we’re all completely honest:
the truth is the local church is an ugly place filled with people who make mistakes and fall into sin, no matter what church you attend.

The question is not does ugliness exist in the church I attend the real question is, when God reveals it to you, are you to going to waver or stand firm in Him?

Whatever you may chose please know and believe, God loves you greatly.

I’ll leave you with this, whatever trials or testing you may be going through know that God hasn’t left you nor will He. Trust that you are strong in Him because of the spirit He’s given you.

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Funny Faces and Forever Memories

Oh, to carry a child in your arms as they cry because they don’t want you do leave!

It’s an experience where you meet God in a new way, and in that moment He ignites something in your core to take this child’s worry away. He ignites an internal passion to care for the child just as He would us if the roles were reversed.

As you continue to sooth the child, you put him down and look him square in the eyes and tell him you love him, to be good, and to do well in school.
“Okay. I love, I miss,” he says with his accent.
And you embrace him, inviting him to play as there’s still a few hours left before you leave.

You walk outside and make funny faces and forever memories–memories that include him running up to you to greet you with the biggest smile, saying, “Ate, picture,” or his tiny body carrying a bag of groceries that no doubt weighed more than him because he wanted to help. Memories of holding his hand for the first and last time, watching him sing praises to Jesus at the top of his lungs.

These are only a few of the forever memories that still reign in my thoughts and heart.

They’re plenty more to come, not merely through my looking eyes and feeling heart but from those who also experienced this with me.

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